Care and Maintenance

Before you call your dealer:
  1. Check the bypass valve to make sure it is in the service position.
  2. Verify the time of day on the LCD screen is correct.
  3. Check salt levels, and make sure salt bridging* is not occurring.
  4. Check hardness setting and verify hardness of water supply.
When calling the dealer, be prepared to answer:
  1. What are the problem’s symptoms? Where is the problem?
  2. What is the water level in the brine tank?
  3. Is there an error code on the display? If so, what is the number?
  4. Have you run out of salt recently?
  5. Any other pertinent information about the problem/symptoms.

How Your Softener or Filter Works

What Kind of Salt to Use

Care and Cleaning

How to Clean Out the Brine Tank

Battery Replacement