EV Twin Tank Softeners
Brilliant Water for your Home.

Quality, softened water is important to you and your busy family. Forget about unwanted minerals and hardness, and simply appreciate cleaner water delivered at the highest level of innovation at all hours of the day. Plus, enjoy the peace of mind of highly efficient plumbing and water-using appliances throughout your household.

Enjoy a self-cleaning unit that delivers and maintains an impeccable water quality level. High-performance resin media removes unwanted hardness minerals, and patented IQ2 monitoring technology controls your EVR system, fine-tuning it to your specific water treatment needs. Evolve softeners are designed to be flexible, using the most advanced, eco-friendly features to save you water and, most importantly, money. Also available as an RC resin/carbon unit.

Welcome to the newest in green water softening technology. The EVRS applies patented IQ2 technology to use less water and salt, while automatically maintaining peak performance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also available as an RC resin/carbon unit.