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Drinking Water Solutions at Home to Crush Bottled Water

Wednesday, September 29th

Drinking Water Solutions at Home to Crush Bottled Water - Image 1

Our morning routine can be a tough habit to break. For many of us, it involves waking up early, getting ready for work, grabbing a bite to eat, and then heading out the door. On your way to work you might stop at a gas station for a water or coffee because the water you have at home just doesn’t look or taste right. While at work, maybe you’ll head over to the vending machine to grab a bottle of water to drink with lunch followed by another in the middle of the afternoon. Over time, those empty plastic bottles add up without you even realizing it.

There are drinking water solutions that can be installed right in your home that can give you great tasting, purified water right from your tap. Drinking water filtration systems are a great alternative if you are looking to cut back on your bottled water purchases. In fact, it may be a better option overall in more ways than one.

Your Water Tastes Great!

Drinking water systems, such as an Evolve® UltroWater® Reverse Osmosis (RO) Drinking Water System, do an excellent job of removing unwanted contaminants in your water, leaving it tasting crisp and fresh. To the people that think bottled water tastes better than tap water, blind taste tests confirm that most people can’t even tell the difference between the two, even if the water coming from the tap is unfiltered.

Also, even the best packaged water brands tend to take on a stale plastic taste from the bottles they’re stored in. The time it takes from the point the water is bottled at the plant to when you pick it up from the gas station can be the span of months, if not years. During this time, the water is taking on many properties of the plastic. This is the reason you’ll find expiration dates on bottled water . The water doesn’t “go bad,” it just spent too much time leaching the chemicals from the plastic.

Convenience Can’t be Beat

Consistently running to the grocery store to pick up bottled water to drink can be a hassle and costly. Plus, once you run out, it is back to the store before you can even have another drink of water. With a drinking water filtration system, you do not need to worry about running out. There is “essentially” an endless supply of water right from the convenience of your faucet. When your glass runs out, just fill up another!

The only replenishing a reverse osmosis, or other cartridge-based drinking water solution, needs is to replace the cartridge once it has reached its limit for the amount of contaminants it can hold. For most people, this should be done once or twice per year. So, while there is still some need to buy new parts to maintain your system, it’s a lot easier than carrying home a case of water every time you get groceries. Our authorized Evolve dealers can even help by putting you on a schedule to have their team replace the filter cartridges, so you don’t even have to worry about remembering when to do so.

Save Money and the Planet

For some, the most influential reason you should consider installing a water filtration system is how much money you can save. The bottled water you purchase over time can get costly. Marketing and advertising agencies do a great job at luring us in with ad campaigns promoting “glacier water” and “fresh spring water.” There is no need to shell out a few bucks every time for purified water when you can get the same quality water in your home for pennies per gallon! You may also be reluctant to make coffee or tea at home if you do not have purified water readily available. A filtration system will save you from having to stop at Starbucks on your way to work every morning.

By not purchasing plastic water bottles you also eliminate the waste left behind. Americans alone buy roughly 29 billion water bottles a year. For every 6 bottles of water that people buy, only one of those is recycled properly. Water bottles are also usually made from a petroleum product (oil) which means those empty bottles left out in nature are an environmental hazard.

Know What You Are GettingDrinking Water Solutions at Home to Crush Bottled Water - Image 2

The reality is, we do not always know what companies are putting into their bottled water (or taking out). While bottled water is not necessarily unsafe, there is still little we can know about the quality of the water inside, despite the claims made on the outside of the bottle. A water bottle label that reads “purified water” can be open for interpretation. When you have a drinking water system installed by a certified Evolve dealer you will have your water thoroughly tested, and a drinking water solution will be installed to fit your water’s exact needs.

The Evolve UltroWater® reverse osmosis system is an NSF/ANSI Standard 58 certified system, which means it has been tested and proven to remove impurities in the water such as arsenic, lead, copper and more. Having this certification in a system can help you feel confident that the water you are drinking from your tap is free from those contaminants that you can see, smell, or taste.

Evolve Drinking Water Solutions

At the end of the day, installing a drinking water filtration system can pay off big if you are one of the many people relying on bottled water to drink every day. Having purified, clean water right from the tap is not only convenient but can save you money over time and is a safer choice for environmentally conscious people.

Contact your local authorized Evolve dealer today to see what drinking water solutions are available to you. They will come out, test your water, and develop a perfect solution for your needs.