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EVRCS Twin - One Softener Doing More

Continuous & economical water softening

Do you want to assure pure, safe, and soft water to your family no matter the time or day? The EVRCS twin softener from Evolve® can provide that peace of mind and more. With our exclusive split tank technology, this system eliminates the need for multiple units, efficiently eliminating foul odors, nasty tastes, and hardness all with the added confidence of a reserve tank.

To learn more about our elite line of EVRCS softeners or about our EVRCS twin unit, contact your local dealer today!

How the EVRCS twin tank system works

The EVRCS softener was designed with an exclusive split tank, which combines activated carbon and resin to eliminate foul smells, nasty tastes, and hardness all in one convenient system. With the added confidence of a reserve tank, your family can access this high-quality water 24/7, as it will take over when the main tank has exhausted its softening capabilities.

  • Features

    The EVRCS twin unit includes:

    • Manufactured with a dual-chamber, providing two treatments at once
    • Removes foul odors with activated carbon
    • Reduces water hardness with a high-capacity resin
    • Advanced programming controller set to match your water use, ensuring optimal performance
    • Can be combined with our exclusive W.E.T.™ technology
    • Uses a reserve tank to provide around-the-clock performance

    EVRCS twin unit features:

    water efficient technology

    Water Efficient Technology - Optional

    Creates maximum efficiency, helping you save money on salt and water.

  • Specs

    We have many different models and sizes available in this series. Please click the link to view all of the dimensions, capacities, and specifications available for this unit. Your local Evolve® dealer can help you determine which product is the right fit for your water and home.

    View full specifications sheet

  • Resources

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    Product Line Brochure Owners Manual Specification Sheet
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