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Is it Better to Clean your Glasses with Soft Water?

Have you ever wondered if hard water could be damaging your glasses lenses? Here's some helpful insight on the topic.

Monday, December 20th

Is it Okay to Brush your Teeth with Hard Water?

Brushing your teeth with hard water is something a lot of people do. Is it damaging your teeth though? Let's learn more.

Wednesday, November 24th

Why do Water Softeners need Salt to Work?

Water softeners require salt to function properly. The sodium in salt takes the place of hard water minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Monday, November 1st

Drinking Water Solutions at Home to Crush Bottled Water

Did you know there are drinking water solutions that can be installed right in your home that can give you great tasting, purified water right from your tap? Drinking wat...

Wednesday, September 29th

Signs of Hard Water & How to

Stained porcelain. Spotty dishes. Clogged shower heads. Sound familiar? If so, you are one of many who suffer from the remnants of hard water in their home. These signs o...

Monday, August 30th

Soft Water: How to Adapt to Life with a Water Softener

Having a hard time handling soap in the shower/bath is a very common occurrence with people who have recently installed a water softener into their home for the first tim...

Monday, August 2nd

Is There Any Signs of Hard Water in the City?

Municipal (city) water is becoming more and more common these days as the global population continues to grow rapidly. Before water can reach your home, the municipality ...

Tuesday, June 29th

The Importance of Testing Well Water Regularly

Many people are under the impression that water from a well is as pure and natural as water can be. However, water directly from the ground still has many unwanted contam...

Tuesday, June 1st

Drink More Water

Understanding the health benefits of drinking water, learning about how you can get clean drinking water right from the faucet at home, and figuring out creative ways to ...

Monday, April 26th

Water Softener Questions: Can I Install My Softener Outside?

Sometimes finding that ideal location for your water softener that ticks all the boxes isn't quite possible. One potential solution for those who live in warm climates wi...

Wednesday, March 31st

The Difference Between Point of Entry vs. Point of Use

Two of the more common acronyms that you may have encountered during your preliminary research are POE (Point of Entry), and POU (Point of Use). While these are relativel...

Friday, February 26th

Water Treatment Certifications: What Do They Mean?

Treatment Whether you're just getting started on researching water treatment equipment or if you've had a unit recently installed, you want to make sure that your equipme...

Wednesday, January 27th

Common Water Softener Problems: What is a Salt Bridge?

A salt bridge can throw a wrench in your softener's ability to make soft water. By preventing salt from coming in contact with water, a salt bridge prevents your softener...

Friday, December 18th

What's Involved With Owning a Well?

Can you imagine life without modern-day plumbing or homes without even a single bathroom? Lucky for us, modern-day homes are equipped with pumps and wells or are piped in...

Wednesday, October 28th

Know Your Water Contaminants: PFAS

PFAS are an emerging class of contaminants that are extremely persistent in the environment and our bodies. This group of man made chemicals that include PFOA, PFOS, and ...

Monday, September 28th

Is Your Water Changing with the Seasons?

Just like the leaves falling and kids going back to school, your water supply can change with the seasons. Although color, taste, and odor abnormalities can become a perm...

Wednesday, August 26th

Would a Twin Tank Softener Benefit My Home?

Keeping your home supplied with soft water can be a great benefit for your family and wallet! If you have heavy-water users in the home, you may want to learn more about ...

Tuesday, July 28th

Floodwaters and Your Water Supply

Owning a home near a lake or river can make every day seem like a vacation, but that luxury also comes with the downside of living in a flood zone. Find out what you need...

Thursday, June 25th

Drinking Water and its Source

Are you one of the many Americans spending more time working from home? Now that you don't have access to the water cooler at work, do you realize that the water you're d...

Thursday, May 28th

Your Water Treatment is Essential Business

The water treatment industry is one of those essential businesses that you may not immediately think of. But now, more than ever, having access to safe, clean, and high-q...

Monday, April 27th

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